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AIMME  (coordinator)

The Metal-Processing Technology Institute, AIMME, is a nationally based, private non-profit making association funded in 1987, whose aim is to foster improvement in the competitiveness of companies in the metal processing sector through R&D both in their processes and their products. The association has more than 550 members, being mostly industrial SMEs.
The Chemical Technologies Area together with Product Engineering and New Manufacturing Processes are R&D departments that provide design, fabrication and test of prototypes or final parts that are tailored to the SMEs needs.

Universidad Carlos III - Madrid Grupo de Tecnología de Polvos -  Powder Technology Group


The Powder Technology Group comprises a multi-disciplinary team of experts in developing solutions in the field of Powder Technology / Powder Metallurgy. Our facilities have advanced equipment to handle all kinds of studies and analyses related to metallic, ceramic, and composite materials.

We have proven experience offering integral R+D services, consulting, technical assistance, and individualized training to optimize manufacturing processes for materials via Powder Technology / Powder Metallurgy, studying the behaviour of materials in service, and characterizing and designing new materials with improved features and high added value.

We participate actively in and have been recognized by international forums of unquestionable prestige that serve as references for companies in this sector, such as EPMA, the European Powder Metallurgy Association, and its American counterparts, MPIF–Metal Powder Industrial Federation, APMI–American Powder Metallurgy Institute and ASM–A Society for Materials



Since the Company began operations in 2006, Galvatec is focused on conducting surface treatments on aircraft parts, both metal and carbon fiber.  Galvatec has developed their capacities in Surface Treatments and Non destructive Testing.

Major contracts for which we work include: Fan Cowls Airbus A380, Ailerons and flaperons Boeing B777, Boeing B737 Rudder, Dassault Falcon 7X HTP, Eurofighter Slats.  Machining of the full range of Airbus products (A320, A330, A350, A380), Airbus Military (CN235, C212, C295, A400M, MRTT), Boeing (B737, B777, B787), Embraer (ERJ-170, ERJ- 190), Eurofighter and Dassault F7X.