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In the following figure is shown the work sequence in the demonstration activities to validate the sol-gel product and the device application developed during the project.

Greengelair Project - WorkPlan

Greengelair Project – WorkPlan

The technical work to reach this main objective is structured in four workpackages with their particular objectives.

WP1: Formulation and kinetic study of sol-gel products

Leader: UC3M

Duration: October 2013 – July 2014

Objective: Development of a new and competitive formulation of sol gel product based on hybrid organic-inorganic system. It will be competitive compared to commercial products regarding induction time, pot life and adhesion on surfaces.

WP2: Design of application device

Leader: AIMME

Duration: October 2013- September 2014

Objective: Design of a versatile device capable of providing a wide and accurate range of sol gel on spray or stick/brush.

WP3: Stability of the product

Leader: AIMME

Duration: August 2014- March 2015

Objective: Scale-up of the process and adjust of the chemical properties of the product for its industrial application.

WP4: Demonstration of application device


Duration: August 2014- September 2015

Objective: The objective of this work package will be demonstrate the right working of the device designed and constructed in WP3 as a system to apply of sol gel product formulated in WP1.

All of them are related to each other as shown in the following flowchart.

Greengelair Project - WorkPlan (others Work Packages)

Greengelair Project – WorkPlan